AC Power Moller

AC Power Moller(to be discontinued in 2030)

AC Motorized rollers

AC Motorised Rollers

Available in standard industrial voltage. Mostly used for the process or assembly lines, or bridge between machines in FA (Factory Automation) in every manufacturing industry.
Suitable for conveying load from light to heavy duty at relatively slow or medium speed.

AC Motorized drums


Used as head pulley for driving belt conveyor in FA (Factory Automation) in manufacturing industry. Features include space saving design and no oil bath structure, requiring no maintenance.

Product sheet

AC Motorised Rollers

Roller diameter(mm) Power Moller model Introduction
φ38 For handling
light load(<30kg)
PM380AS[Standard type] pdf manual
φ42.7 PM427AS[Standard type] pdf
φ48.6 For handling
medium load(<100kg)
PM486BS[Standard type] pdf
φ50 PM500BS[Standard type] pdf
φ57 For handling
heavy load(<300kg)
PM570AS[Standard type] pdf
PM570AU[Accumulation type]
PM570BP[High power type]
φ60.5 PM605AS[Standard type] pdf
PM605AU[Accumulation type]
PM605BP[High power type]

AC Motorised Drums

Dram diameter(mm) Power Moller model Introduction
φ76.3 PM763BS pdf manual

Success story

Wheel Assembly at Oakley (USA) pdf